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Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter
6200 Gold Total
+30 Int
+450 hit points
+400 mana
Effect: Improve heroes ultimate spell for Lina Inverse, Zeus, Furion, Pugna, Rylai, Rhasta, Queen of Pain, Venomancer, Lich, Leshrac, Lion, Keeper of the Light, Luna, Necrolyte, Ogre Magi, & Vol'Jin
Item can only be made by heroes listed in effect.
Level 4 (Undead) Recipes
_Mystic StaffMystic Staff
2900 Gold Total
+25 Int
Leragas The Vile
_Soul BoosterSoul Booster
3300 Gold Total
+1 hp/sec regen
+10% mp regen
+450 hit points
+400 mana
Level 2 (Orc) Recipes
_Vitality BoosterVitality Booster
1100 Gold Total
+250 hit points
Leragas The Vile
_Energy BoosterEnergy Booster
1000 Gold Total
+250 mana
Leragas The Vile
_Point BoosterPoint Booster
1200 Gold Total
+200 hit points
+150 mana
Leragas The Vile

Item not required for any other item (Item not used to build any other item)

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