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Linken's SphereLinken's Sphere
5500 Gold Total
+15 Int
+15 Agi
+15 Str
+6 hp/sec regen
+150% mp regen
Effect(60 seconds cooldown): Disentangle (negates a targeted spell)
Level 3 (Night Elf) Recipes
1775 Gold Total
+7 damage
+4 hp/sec regen
+100% mp regen
Level 1 (Human) Recipes
_Void StoneVoid Stone
900 Gold Total
+100% mp regen
Leragas The Vile
_Ring of HealthRing of Health
875 Gold Total
+4 hp/sec regen
Leragas The Vile
_Ultimate OrbUltimate Orb
2300 Gold Total
+10 Int
+10 Agi
+10 Str
Cache of the Quel'thelan
Linken's Sphere Recipe ScrollLinken's Sphere Recipe Scroll
1425 Gold Total
Level 3 (Night Elf) Recipes

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