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In game player commands

Any player in game can enter in these commands at the appropriate time.

-random Selects a random hero from those availble; if the game has been set to "-ap" then it's random from all taverns, otherwise it's random from hero from your side.
-repick Gives a new random hero. If in a -ar game costs 400 gold. If in a -ap game costs 150 gold. Each player can only "-repick" once. Players can only repick in the first 45 seconds of the game. Any item(s) on origonal character will be lose.
-refreshWith the Phantom Assassin (PA), it is used for refreshing her "invisibility" (due to a bug that removes this invisibility on death).
-randomSelects a random hero for you on your team tarven and on both teams tarven if the -ap is selected. You can repick another random hero by typing -repick, but it costs 150g. (note the different gold costs for repicking in -allrandom games and repicking when you yourself choose to -random.)
-msDisplays current hero move speed.
-movespeedSee "-ms"
-recreateFor heroes that have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis that is not tied to the unit in the world editor map, namely Dragon Knight, Lycanthropy, Lifestealer, and Soul Keeper, where there are occasional problems with losing control of the unit. This is resolved by bringing the unit back to the 'fountain' area and typing this command. The command has a 200 second channeling time, to prevent abuses.
-unstuckTransports your hero to the fountain after 60 seconds; it's used when you are stuck in a unmovable place (e.g. trapped in an area of trees). You cannot move, attack or drop / take items while transporting.(after typing -unstuck)
-maDisplays the enemy players' alias along with which hero they are currently controlling.
-matchupSee "-ma"
-csDisplays creep killing & denying stats
-creepstatsSee "-cs"
-csboardonDisplays a board displaying creep killing & denying stats
-csboardoffHides a board displaying creep killing & denying stats
Thanks to elitewarr from the forums for providing the base of this information.
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