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Dota Pro - Complete Dota Guide

Serious Dota Allstar strategy


To play DotA Allstar you have to know the basics first. Here you'll find complete hero and item listings. Allow us to guide you through the dota basics.


We believe the best way to learn dota allstar strategy is from the pro's. That's why we've integrated replays so you can analyze their playing styles, item choices, and build orders.


Knowing how every dota hero works is important if you want to be a pro. Let replays from the heroes you wish to understand be your guide. Analyze their build orders, and adjust your Dota playing style accordingly.

What is DotA Allstars?

DotA Allstars is a WarCraft 3 UMS (Use map settings). The game begins with choosing a hero from either the Sentinel or the Scourge (other game modes available as well). From there you attack the other teams base alongside your team's "creeps" which spawn periodically. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing teams world tree which is protected by towers.

Dota AI Maps

Sometimes you don't want to play against a human, but just try some things out. That's where DotA artificial intelligence (AI / computer) maps come in handy. With these maps you can be your own Dota guide by trial and error. You can find these DotA Allstar versions in the AI downloads section.
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